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Cold but still beautiful in Amsterdam last night…


Warm summer light hitting the canal houses on Damrak near Central Station

Amsterdam House Hotel Eureka

Some visit Amsterdam and decided never to leave, like the Grey Heron which has established itself in the city over the last few decades.

Keizersgracht/ Reguliersgracht

Reguliersgracht is one of the must-see attractions in Amsterdam offering picture perfect views of canals and bridges. The intersection of Reguliersgracht and Keizersgracht features on many Amsterdam postcards.

Singel 105

The yellow canal boat on a peaceful spring evening in Amsterdam

Café Papeneiland

Evening stroll in Amsterdam led me to Café Papeneiland on the corner of Brouwersgracht and Prinsengracht. One of the most scenic and peaceful neighbourhoods in the city centre.


Daytime and nighttime, Amsterdam is a beautiful city! These canal house are located at Damrak which is just a few minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.


Pythonbrug is an award-winning footbridge crossing over the Railroad Basin in Amsterdam’s regenerated Eastern docklands. The red snake-like bridge which was built in 2001 links the former docks now named Sporenburg and Borneo Island.
Pythonbrug is one of a set of three bridges in the area designed by architects West 3. It’s about 15 minutes by bike from Amsterdam Centraal and also accessible via tram. It’s a really peaceful area to visit and relax away from the busyness of Amsterdam’s city centre.
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Staalmeestersbrug Love Lock Bridge

The bridge connecting Staalstraat over Groenburgwal canal is a great location to view the Zuiderkerk tower. The church tower dates back to 1614 and was designed by architect Hendrick de Keyser. This tower has a carillon, a set of tuned brass bells which can be heard twice per week. Concerts are given on Tuesday’s at 14:30 and Saturday’s at 19:00.

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Hilversum heide

Hilversum is just 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam. As well, as being the media capital of The Netherlands, it is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Highland cows can be found grazing on the open moors between North Hilversum and Laren. There’s also a media museum in Hilversum housed in an impressive modern building. #highland #highlandCow #moor #silhouette #sunset #hei #heide #hilversum #laren #holland #netherlands

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