Reguliersgracht – Seven Bridges Amsterdam

Reguliersgracht is one of the most picturesque and tranquil canals in the centre. It's also the location of "Seven Bridges Amsterdam" which is sought after by photographers.

Seven Bridges Amsterdam spanning Reguliersgracht

The Reguliersgracht canal passes through the Herengracht, Keizersgracht & Prinsengracht canals. As a result, these points are great places to admire the bridges and canal boats passing by. Furthermore, the bridges and canals are also particularly beautiful when lit up at night.

Amsterdam Bridges Herengracht Reguliersgracht at Nighttime

Bridge of Fifteen Bridges

There is one bridge which is known as "Brug van 15 bruggen" from which you can see a total of 15 bridges in different directions. This viewpoint is located where Reguliersgracht joins Herengracht. Stand on the odd-numbered side and you can see 6 arched bridges across the Reguliersgracht. Look down Herengracht to the left and you see another 6 bridges. Furthermore, two more bridges are visible to your right. Finally, the 15th bridge is the one you’re standing on.

If you are travelling with that special someone, this spot is a must-see on your itinerary as it is one of the most romantic places in Amsterdam.

Amstel Church (Amstelkerk)

Amstelkerk, Amstelveld Amsterdam

On the corner of Reguliersgracht and Prinsengracht is Amstelveld square which is the location of the Amstel Church (Amstelkerk). This wooden church was designed in 1668 and started as a preachers barn. The intention was to replace the wooden structure with a more permanent building on Rembrandtplein). However, this never happened due to lack of funding. In 1988, the church was restored and features a cool restaurant/bar called Nel. It's has a great family atmosphere and has a kids playground just outside.

Colourful Canal boat on Reguliersgracht

Wooden Carvings on a House on Reguliersgracht Amsterdam

This house at Reguliersgracht 57-59 was built around 1879 for carpenter-contractor Zeeger Deenik & Son. It was designed by famous architect Isaac Gosschalk who also designed other key buildings in Amsterdam such as the Heineken Brewery. The ornate facade is one of the few buildings in Amsterdam to combine brick, stone and wood.

Red Midwife's House and Stork

Reguliersgracht Prinsengracht Amsterdam

At the 17th century corner-house of Prinsengracht and Reguliersgracht, there is a statue of a stork. This belonged to a midwife had her practice at the house. In Holland, a stork is still displayed in the window of a house when a baby has been born!

Where is Seven Bridges Canal?

Starting at Rembrandtplein, head towards Thorbeckeplein and keep going until you approach Herengracht. Reguliersgracht is directly in front of you.

- Take some long exposure nighttime shots of the bridges and boats passing by.
- Capture the seven bridges on Herengracht. Create a tunnel effect by finding a low angle, either from a boat on Herengracht or low down on the pavement.
- Take a close up photo of the stork at the junction of Reguliersgracht and Prinsengracht.
- Use panorama mode on a camera phone in order to capture canal intersections.

Reguliersgracht hosts the yearly Seven Bridges Amsterdam Jazz Festival. This festival takes its name from the seven bridges which span the canal and takes place every September at various venues along the canal. This is no charge for entry to the festival.

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